In the coaching program, we create an action plan, increase knowledge and awareness, highlight and develop your strengths, and unlock your personal potential.

My clients are like you – high-functioning and high-performing individuals with several ambitious goals they want to achieve. They have, like you, noticed that there are some obstacles in their way. Often, they have begun to manage these obstacles using methods that they see as unsustainable in the long term.

It may be that they have stopped doing things that are good for their physical and mental health, or it may be that they have started doing things that are harmful. What I do know is that you are solution-focused, and I can help you find effective methods based on research, not just something I have come up with.

I would like to know more about your specific challenges. If you want to know more about what our collaboration might look like, I look forward to receiving your email.

Charlotta Segerlund Darnell, KBT-terapeut och psykologisk styrketränare
I help you reach your goals while maintaining an optimal work and life balance. There are many useful tricks along the way!


Often, people have multiple goals wrapped up in one, for example, ”I want to reach that high-level position without getting a divorce”. This is both a goal and a fear. In this case, we need to formulate two goals. Roughly speaking, they would be 1) Reach the high-level position and 2) Save the marriage.

Under these two goals lie sub-goals and several steps that you will need to take. We will make plans and strategies for these steps. It could involve looking at areas such as personal and professional relationships, organizing your daily life, organizing your professional life, physical health, mental health, stress management, sleep, diet, recovery, social support, meaning, purpose, focus, and sub-goals. The list is long.

The areas I mention here are not random. They are the areas in which individuals with high psychological resilience are strong.

Coaching with me starts with a behavioral analysis. In the first session, I want to cover several areas. I will ask you to take certain tests and I will ask many questions. This conversation usually takes about 1.5 hours, and I always reserve two hours for it. After that, I analyze the material and come back with a proposal for an action plan, which we will review together in the next session.

With me, you will train endurance and the ability to bounce back from various trials. It is possible to do this. There is a word for this ability, and it is psychological resilience. We will also sort out any confusion or mess that may exist. All of this is so that you can perform in the way you want.

We will use methods from positive psychology, CBT, and resilience – three strong and reliable research fields. You can expect a result where you:

  • Have psychological strength and resistance.
  •  Are emotionally and mentally strong. 
  • Recover quickly. 
  • Have your purpose clear to you. 
  • Feel a sense of purpose.
Nyhetsbrev från Charlotta Segerlund Darnell, KBT-terapeut och psykologisk styrketränare


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