Book cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) if you have a specific problem that you want to address. The type of CBT I use is structured, positive, and results-oriented.

Your obstacles may be related to stress, phobias, anxiety, relationships, negative thoughts, procrastination, or other issues. With 100 percent evidence-based methods from CBT and positive psychology, I will help you psychologically prepare to perform at the level you desire. Sustainable and enduring.

In CBT, one works systematically with situations, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. You don’t need to have the structure yourself. I will help you with that.

Challenges that are well suited for CBT include being unsure in social situations, procrastinating, ruminating on problems, having a phobia, emotional eating, stress, panic attacks, or negative thoughts about oneself or one’s abilities. This is usually referred to as low self-esteem or poor self-image.

If you are wondering what a treatment might look like or if CBT can help you, I would like to hear more about how you experience your particular situation. Email me!

Charlotta Segerlund Darnell, KBT-terapeut och psykologisk styrketränare
Hör av dig redan idag! Ingen dag är bättre.
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