I offer custom remote coaching and therapy services as a CBT-therapist, behavioral scientist, mindfulness instructor, and CBT-addiction therapist.

With a focus on evidence-based practices,
I help develop employees' mental wellbeing in areas such as resilience, stress management, and effective communication.

Contact me for a tailored program to boost productivity, creativity, and teamwork in your workplace.


One of the biggest challenges in the labor market onwards will be changes. New knowledge acquisition and new learning. 


At the same time, we humans are risk-averse by nature. Changes mean both a risk and an effort. Change challenges our human psyche. In addition, short-term rewards guide our behavior more than a long-term reward. 


How resilient a team manages to be has a direct effect on how effectively they can take on new tasks. 


A resilient group can cope with changes, as the team has worked out its view on learning and how to share knowledge with each other. A resilient team has an understanding of the whole picture. 


When I work with teams, I put a lot of focus on individual coaching. That is where I see that you can get the best effect. 


Are you wondering what a layout might look like? I will tailor one for your particular challenge. 


Have you already identified any points that are problematic for a team? Feel free to get in touch and tell me more.



Certainly, achieving your goals and maintaining consistent performance over time is essential. It is possible to transition from a state of frustration and worry to one of control and the life you desire, in a sustainable and enduring manner.


However, it’s important to prioritize your efforts, as it is not feasible to excel in all areas simultaneously. Through a comprehensive behavioral analysis of your specific areas, we will develop a prioritized plan that is directly linked to your life situation, values, and desired outcomes.


I will guide you through this process and utilize the insights from various research fields, including CBT, resilience research, behavioral psychology, mindfulness, and positive psychology. These disciplines have studied individuals who have sustained strength over time, and we will use their knowledge to support you.


Achieving sustainable psychological strength does not mean that you won’t encounter challenges along the way. Instead, we will develop a plan and psychological resilience to handle any obstacles that arise.


This program is tailored to you or your most driven employees.

Nyhetsbrev från Charlotta Segerlund Darnell, KBT-terapeut och psykologisk styrketränare


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