Mindfulness is an effective way to achieve a more conscious presence. It is based on sound scientific research and involves a variety of meditation methods.

Mindfulness is an effective way to increase awareness and is based on sound scientific research. It involves various meditation techniques, including an approach to thoughts that helps train the mind to distance itself from them. This space can then be used to respond to thoughts and increase the ability to choose one’s behavior. In addition to being a tool for managing stress, mindfulness is also a path to better decision-making. This has made the method very popular among high-level decision-makers.

Charlotta Segerlund Darnell mindfulness


As an experienced instructor for 17 years, I would be more than happy to introduce or deepen your mindfulness practice.


Regular training can strengthen your prefrontal cortex, which is essential for good self-leadership.


I have incorporated mindfulness into both my personal life and client sessions, and have seen its proven ability to take individuals from reactive to intentional and conscious presence.


Let’s explore how mindfulness can help you tap into that space and enhance your overall well-being.

curios about MINDFULNESS?

  1. Secular method that has shown good results in randomized studies.
  2. Stress regulation based on scientific research.
  3. Mindful presence in the body and breath provides increased focus and recovery.
  4. Involves techniques for breath, thoughts, meditation, and body awareness.
  5. Works well in conjunction with CBT. Many exercises on creating distance from thoughts are shared.
  6. Brings changes to the brain. Mindfulness training affects blood flow in stress-affected areas.
Nyhetsbrev från Charlotta Segerlund Darnell, KBT-terapeut och psykologisk styrketränare


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